Auction Sniper

Automated Sniping for eBay Auctions


I'm a very active user of Auction Sniper. I buy all my lots on eBay to resell on eBay and I need a reliable sniping service, because I only snipe and rarely ever bid directly on lots. Auction Sniper is easily the most reliable sniping service for eBay. It's easy to use and the tool bar icon is always waiting for me to place my snipes.

– rogernorth

When I first joined eBay, I was going nuts trying to keep up with all the bidding. After trying Auction Sniper, I would now, never place my bid in any other way. Currently, if I am interested in certain items, I will make my bid and forget it until the auction has ended. I can always take a look with the option of modification or cancellation. Auction Sniper takes all the frustration out of the game and allows you to sit back and smell the flowers.

– golfren

I think it's a great service to have when you aren't home to watch your auction bid. I'm glad its there for me.

– 1_special_lady

Newcomers should know -- not only is AuctionSniper a great idea, it's also a beautifully crafted and accurate tool. Both EASY TO USE and EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE!

– wawafoto
Full Testimonial

I've just finished reading through your Top 12 Sniping Tips. I clicked the link expecting a bunch of stuff that was really obvious and everyone knows, but actually I learned a lot. I did not realize that you guys offered some of the cool features described in later tips, particularly Bid Groups - what an AMAZING idea! For me, AuctionSniper is the only way to eBay..anything else, and you'll never get what you want for how much you want it for.

- krypt1

I have tried several online sniping services, and have been the most impressed with AuctionSniper. There is nothing that compares with your service for the price. The system has been reliable, and has allowed me to win many auctions I otherwise would have not been able to bid on. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

– robsgarage