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In general, you navigate our site by the tabs at the top of the page. In the blue area immediately under some of those tabs (click on that tab to see them), you’ll find other links or actions. Note that you cannot see the links under the tabs until you log in. Note that the links provided below require that you be signed in first.

My Snipes Tab: Most of your time will be spent on the "My Snipes" tab. This is where you view your snipes. It’s also where you’ll modify and cancel snipes, and discover whether you Won or Lost.

Snipe It Now!: This links you to the page to set up Snipe It Now! on your browser toolbar. We highly recommend this: it makes sniping a simpler process and will increase your online-auction productivity.

Import Wizard: This link will import your current eBay direct bid items and your Watched items. You can click on this to view them anytime. However, once you click the "Import Snipes" button at the bottom of that page and import them into our system, and they say "Ready", they WILL snipe. If you wish to track items you are watching or would prefer to watch them in your Auction Sniper account, you can do so from your "My Watches" tab.

Balance: Click this link for your account balance needs. Note the link View payments by month is also very handy for viewing your individual wins with us, and which individual snipes are paid or unpaid.

Modify Account: This is all of your personal account information with Auction Sniper. We recommend you review this from time to time: both to ensure we have the latest information for you, and we frequently add new features which you will need to determine whether you would like to implement.

Search Tab: This tab has two links: The "My Searches" link leads to your "My Searches" page of your account, where you can update or remove existing searches you have saved in your account, or create new searches. The "Add Search" link brings up the tool to create a new search with the Advanced Search tools open.

Wins Tab: Clicking on the "Wins" tab will cause it to automatically go out and search for all of your recent wins. Note that we are pulling this information from your “My eBay” page. If it’s not there, the system can’t find it. Also, don’t confuse the "Wins" tab which pulls all your wins from eBay, with the Won link in your "My Snipes" page which lists only your Auction Sniper wins.

Help Tab: This has all our FAQs, Tutorials and directions to contact Tech Support.

Home Tab: Takes you to our sign-in screen.

Join: Takes you to our Registration page.

Payment Details: Lists our fee structure, and also allows you to make payments with Paypal.

About: Tells you a little about us.

Other Tabs: If you are not logged in, these tabs are visible.

Sign Up Tab: Takes you to our Registration page.

Products Tab: Why you should use us---what we can do for you.

How Much? – Takes you to our fee structure page.

Testimonials – A few of our very happy customers.

Community Forum: You must register separately with the Community Forum to post messages. Find help from fellow snipers who know the ropes and can give you some feedback on general issues. We also will post messages to the Forum on important problems on our site (emergency maintenance, eBay outages, etc). For specific questions on a specific snipe, you should contact our Support team, and be sure to include the item# when you do so.